JuneS Journey Wie Viele Level

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Ob Gold, was, sieht nun wieder ein wenig Licht am Horizont.

JuneS Journey Wie Viele Level

Auf einem Wimmelbild sind viele kleine und große Dinge versteckt. In June´s Journey suchst du im eleganten Ambiente der 20er Jahre nach ist die Anzahl der gewonnenen Blumen, welche weitere Level freischalten. Ich bin Level 31 bei knapp Prestige, habe seehr viel Münzen und Hoffe das es noch viele Kapitel geben wird und das man man Pearls Peril noch lange. Kapitel „Hochzeitsglocken“ ist jetzt verfügbar! Ein großer Tag für die Liebe, die Familie und die Freundschaft – aber schafft es die Braut.

June’s Journey

⭐VIELE TOLLE CHARAKTERE – In June's Journey begegnet ihr vielen spannende Geschichte und teils knifflig Rätsel ABER nach Level kommt keine. Kapitel „Hochzeitsglocken“ ist jetzt verfügbar! Ein großer Tag für die Liebe, die Familie und die Freundschaft – aber schafft es die Braut. Ich bin Level 31 bei knapp Prestige, habe seehr viel Münzen und Hoffe das es noch viele Kapitel geben wird und das man man Pearls Peril noch lange.

JuneS Journey Wie Viele Level Get to Know June Video

2018 05 17 June's Journey My island

Ein paar Meter links von der Brücke könnt ihr ein leuchtendes Symbol einsammeln. June will sich um die Tochter München Casino beiden, ihre Nichte Virginia, kümmern. An der Wand erscheinen nun wieder Symbole. Das erste Wahrzeichen, dem ihr Bayern München Köln 2021, ist der Leuchtturm, bei dem ihr Herrn Talbot helfen könnt, diesen zu renovieren.
JuneS Journey Wie Viele Level
JuneS Journey Wie Viele Level Komplettlösung Journey: Hinweis, Der Start, Der Start - Teil 2, Speicherpunkt 1, Speicherpunkt 2. The current highest level for the player is 23 via normal gameplay (30 with mods) while the highest level for your horse is The character's XP per level. Level 1 - 0; Level 2 - ; Level 3 - ; Level 4 - ; Level 5 - ; Level 6 - ; Level 7 - ; Level 8 - ; Level 9 - ; Level 10 - ; Level 11 - ; Level 12 - ; Level 13 - June’s Journey (englisch; auf Deutsch etwa Junes Weg oder Junes Reise) ist ein Computerspiel des deutschen Spieleentwicklers und -publishers texascowboychurch.com Wimmelspiel wurde auf Facebook sowie für mobile Endgeräte mit den Betriebssystemen Android und iOS veröffentlicht. As at 21 Nov , there are levels of Candy Crush Soda Saga in the Android, IOS, Kindle & Facebook browser versions of the App. The Windows 10 App version of Soda has levels as this is the pre-release for all the other platforms and has 60 more levels compiled and released than the other Apps. Normally, 2 or 3 episodes, each with 15 levels are released every Friday on all platforms. You must reach at least level 5 to find tier 4 champions and level 6 for tier 5 ones. Considering the data above, upgrading a tier 4 or 5 unit to three stars is quite difficult, particularly the latter as you need nine out of the ten copies available for each champion.

Spielkarte 42: Geht in den JuneS Journey Wie Viele Level und in der JuneS Journey Wie Viele Level. - Beitrags-Navigation

Auch konnte ich die Kompasse für Diamanten nicht kaufen. June's Journey (englisch; auf Deutsch etwa Junes Weg oder Junes Reise) ist ein Blüten werden benötigt, um im Level aufzusteigen und dadurch weitere. Sollte ein Level wirklich zu schwierig sein, geht wie folgt vor; Warum June's Journey ist seit vielen Monaten eines meiner Lieblingsspielchen. Was macht mein Level und wie kann ich es erhöhen? Wofür benötige ich Sterne und wie bekomme ich sie? Alle 20 Artikel unter Lerne June kennen! einsehen. →​. Lade June's Journey und genieße die App auf deinem iPhone, iPad und Die viele Werbung, die man über sich ergehen lassen muss, wenn.
JuneS Journey Wie Viele Level

Der Hersteller verdient an kostenpflichtigen Zusatzangeboten, die dem Spieler Vorteile gegenüber anderen Spielern verschaffen, sowie an im Spiel eingeblendeter Werbung.

Dadurch entstehen dem Hersteller zwar Kosten, diese sollen sich aber durch eine Langzeitmotivation der Spieler amortisieren — je mehr Zeit ein Spieler mit dem Spiel verbringt, desto mehr Zusatzangebote kauft er im Durchschnitt.

Oktober zeitgleich auf Facebook und für Android und iOS veröffentlicht. Unter anderem wurden Ende fünf Spieler aus fünf Ländern zum Firmensitz nach Berlin eingeladen, um das Produktionsteam zu treffen und sich auszutauschen.

Kritisiert wurden kleine Fehler im Gameplay-Design, die zu unverständlichen Wartezeiten im Spiel führten. Damit bediene der Hersteller seine weibliche Zielgruppe.

Deutsch Altersfreigabe USK. Namensräume Artikel Diskussion. A new frame will come up with just the telescope …put coin in and on both sides adjust the focus.

Now I can move on. June says she can cut the suitcase with it but nothing happens. I just keep wasting my energy. Help please.

At least half of them have VERY different decorations than I have access to, but they have about the same amount of land cleared as they do.

Most other questions, someone answers… What does everyone else think? I just reached level 12 of my lighthouse renovation and suddenly there is a repaired pier where there once was none.

The Gilded Gazebo is unlocked when you reach stars. Only have stars. Some decorations other players have are special items brought out with the different seasonal packages.

Not every season is the same. The longer people have played, the variety of decorations. Also, the levels, cleared land and landmark completion depends upon their regular access and playing of the game.

Purple diamonds can be purchased. Stars are only received by searching the hidden objects scenes. I am stuck trying to get into Chapter 9, Death on the Seine.

It tells me that I have stored enough flower and that I should redecorate. It only lets me click on visit storage.

I Amat level The game does not always give me points after finding all the items in the scene. Is this normal? What are the windup keys used for?

What am I missing? I am in Canada where French is our second official language I wrote to Help twice to ask about this but get no correction.

Is this a planned part of the game? Like the game. Understand the creators need to make money and use the pace and challenges of the game to get their money.

I find the storage ship a huge game changer. I can remove anything but the static buildings and place the decoration in storage. To clear up a large section of space to buy more decorations and receive more prestige flowers.

The game removes an objects prestige flower value when you place it in storage so you have to juggle the size of space a decoration occupies in the game along with the value.

You can replace a lesser value decoration with a higher value item by using storage. If I need prestige flowers, I find the decoration I need.

I check the space I need remove low prestige objects equal to the space need and place them in storage.

Once the space is clear I select the more valuable decoration and place it in the space. After the next seen is unlocked I place the new item in storage and restore my landscape the way I want it.

I also decided to set a space aside for the seasonal items as they are offered. Collect the seasonal items and place them all in that space.

Items that can fit in everyday design can go anywhere. When new seasonal items are offered I empty the seasonal space by placing them in storage.

That gives me more prestige flowers and space for new items. Another aggravation is with the buildings, decorations and tiles offered.

I want to decorate available space with items that fit together. For example start with a house, it could have a garden, a vineyards, pools, lakes and streams, stables etc.

These options are ok if you are decorating a town not a homestead. Offer me more and better items to fit what you are trying to force me to put in my Available space.

Fix the game to offer a selection of styles. I may prefer a farm to a mansion or something based on worldwide ethanic interests.

And should be able to decorate my space the way I like. One half of the game is managing energy and resources to play the decoration half of the game.

The story line is interesting but not rewarding enough and not creative enough to hold my interest or time. Needs a lot of improvement and options.

Speed the game up. My biggest pet piece is the delays. I know you are trying to make money by forcing us to pay more to speed things up.

It is the one thing that makes me want to quit this and play something else. Give me an option to speed up but if I choose not to waiting for days or more than an hour ruins the continuity of the game.

Just my thoughts. Each scene requires a certain of flowers to progress. That means you need more points worth of decorations on your island to move forward.

If you take things off your island you will also lose whatever value those contributed to your flower total.

For example if I put a 30 point Yellow Magnolia tree in storage and needed more, now I need more. Put in 30 point trees or 40 point flower bushes.

If I have a square 4 spot open, to maximize my points, skip the 80 flower point swan pond and put in a flower point rainbow grove tree cluster.

I am stuck at the end of , can not figure out how to make water hose scare off the monkeys. Can anyone explain this to me. I got the knife and the plank but nothing moves.

Any ideas??? I have mastered the first 5 scenes in level 6. The last scene remains locked. Im unable to get past it.

I keep getting a msg that i need to find 2 clues. I have found all the clues in each scene. How do I advance? When a chapter is finished and a new one starts, I thought I was awarded an energy bar.

But this did not happen moving from level 9 to Any thoughts? While looking at my estate book of characters, I noticed that I have gotten locked out of certain characters without having them all solved.

Why is this happening? Only Amelia has been fully developed with all the pictures done. Sherry Gass. I am on level 60 completed all puzzles to now.

Game wont let me move to level Green bar says decorate. Do I need to move on? I am at level 38 in Studio Office. Can not figure out how to maintain the proof that Milton is guilty.

I am playing Hayes campaign rally scene I found all the hidden objectstgo finish except I am having a problem finding the jug for the blender in the scene cannot advance to chapter until I find it can anyone help me.

Wooga made a change so now we earn energy at a faster rate. We used to earn one energy every 2 minutes.

The bow and arrow pun intended, I guess lol , shows the change they made that now allows one energy to be earned every 1 minute. This might have been done just due to the times we are living in currently.

It has come and gone a few times, though. I am beyond frustrated. How do I get that energy? This is totaly unfair. How do I keep a gifted plant that someone gives me?

The other is the visit symbol. Anyone else having that problems. I finished a bird thing and a destination so there were a lot of flowers added and not subtracted.

I am stuck at the end scene of chapter I can open the box of supplies BUT when I try to put them on the table it wont let me even though it tells me to.

When you build a building and it says Old 2 days, what does that mean? It seems to take forever to build or renovate some of the buildings.

Take A Step Back Hidden object games often tend to confuse players by making items of disproportionate size. Think Outside The Box When you are given the list of items to find, you will often come up with a mental image of what each object should look like.

Take Note Of Objects Each location is replayed numerous times before you complete an episode. When In Doubt, Tap Around Since the setting of the game is in the s, there is a good chance that you may not have any idea what some of the items are.

You might also like:. Linda Lopez January 18, Reply. Jackie Amiott June 27, Reply. Lynn July 10, Reply. Stacy April 12, Reply. I accidentally sold an Easter Flowerbed!

Does anyone know if I can get it back? Bunny June 17, Reply. Gigi July 30, Reply. Do you mean you can ask a friend to give you some of their decorations?

How do you do that? Carolyn Bridges March 23, Reply. Victoria March 28, Reply. Jenny May 14, Reply. Joyce Mozley June 24, Reply.

RBL November 29, Judy stowers April 24, Reply. Bart August 7, Reply. Ellen May 23, Reply. Juanita stump January 5, Reply. Betty April 4, Reply.

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Rhonda L Main May 14, Reply. Sallguud October 21, Reply. Lu November 5, Reply. Beth February 16, Reply.

Chris April 20, Reply. Ladyc August 1, Reply. Anne Lamacraft July 16, Reply. Social-cat88 October 11, Reply.

RBL November 29, Reply. Alejandra Pelayo G. December 5, Reply. Cathy February 17, Reply. Sandra Wilson May 1, Reply. Laurie April 23, Reply. Yvonne February 5, Reply.

Yariwari February 6, Reply. Loki March 1, Reply. Was bringt mir die Tasse Earl grey? Kosten Münzen … was für ein Vorteil habe ich, wenn ich diese Tasse kaufe?

Die Tasse Earl Grey ist rein dekorativ. Wie komme ich Level 12 durch die Türe bei sivios Galerie? Ich habe den Zigarettenspitz, den kaputten Schlüsselbund und die Zeitung.

Der Hinweis zeigt auf die Türe. Ich bin bei Level Alles was ich an Punkten bekomme wird bei mir dazugezählt anstatt abgezogen.

Was ist das denn? Ich habe einige Gebäude errichtet und fertiggestellt, aber alles wird dazugezählt. So komme ich natürlich nicht weiter.

Gibt es eventuell nur Level? Recent Activity Hidden Object. Get this app! Play this Game Now! Top Commenters.

Teresa Woodrum. Lanny Slough. Denise Ll. Monica Nelson. Susan L. Kerridwen Keri. Kott Emo.

Sollte das Spiel so weiter gehen werde ich es auch nicht mehr spielen. Ich kann mich nicht detailliert weiter informieren was über mich Glücksspirale Rente Steuer wurde. Kommt auch ohne Geld weiter.

Viel JuneS Journey Wie Viele Level einfache JuneS Journey Wie Viele Level, bonus code ohne einzahlung casino ergГnzt er die NetEnt Rock-Familie. - Neueste Aktualisierungen

Tippt erneut auf eine ausgewählte Insel, um sie zu betreten. June’s Journey könnt ihr kostenlos spielen. Und das erwartet euch in June’s Journey: Natürlich hat das Spiel auch eine Story, die wie immer dramatisch texascowboychurch.com begleitet June in den er-Jahren nach New York, um einen Mord aufzudecken. June’s Journey is free to download and play, but it also allows you to purchase virtual items with real money inside the game. You can disable in-app purchases in your device’s settings. You may require an Internet connection to play June’s Journey and access its social features. June’s Journey may also contain advertising. 10/12/ · June’s Journey Walkthrough und Lösung aller Szenen für Apple iPhone, iPad und Android Smartphones. Das Berliner Softwarehaus Wooga hat ein neues Spiel in die App Stores gebracht, das die Herzen aller Hobbydetektive und Fans von Wimmelbildspielen höher schlagen lassen wird.. Der deutsche Publisher ist bekannt für Spiele ausgezeichneter Qualität, was er in der Vergangenheit bereits mit 86%. Geradeaus von der Brücke, leicht links findet ihr unter einem Sandwasserfall ebenfalls ein leuchtendes Symbol. When you reach the next level number in upper righthand corneryou can continue to the next chapter. Melinda Espey September 29, Reply. Dekorationen funktionieren auf den neuen Inseln genauso wie auf der Orchideeninsel. Lynn July 10, Reply. Is this a planned part of the game? You can sell the plants they return to you, for either coins or diamonds. Deutsch Altersfreigabe USK. Katina Anderson Scifi Mmorpg 26, Reply. Kerridwen Keri. Neuste Älteste Beste Bewertung. Help please! All you do is play the game and collect the extra rewards generated by the golden keys.


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